Financial Success
Financial Success
Use these powerful daily habits to help bring financial success into your life.
Money cannot make you happy but it sure can make an enormous difference to your life. Finacial success is something that most people strive for. However many of us have built up negative beliefs regarding money starting from when we were children.

Did you ever hear things like money doesn’t grow on trees? or maybe we’ll never have enough money?

I personally grew up with all sorts of negative ideas about money. The biggest belief I had about money was that rich preople were not happy or nice. Wow, was that a major block.

Often people will say you have to work hard to get any money. What most people mean when they say that is that life has to be a struggle to get any financial reward at all.

There is an abundance of money in this world and each of us has the power within us to achieve financial success. Negative beliefs are learned. In order to gain positive beliefs we need to change our way of thinking about money.

Here are 6 powerful daily habits to increase your positive beliefs surrounding money and financial freedom.


Use daily positive affirmations about the way you want your financial situation to be. I suggest you use these affirmations (or create your own) every morning and every evening. Say them out loud and preferably infront of a mirror and always say your affirmations in present tense.

To get you started, here are a few examples:

Money comes to me easily and often
I am a money magnet
I use money for good things. (this is especially powerful if your negative belief is money is evil)
There is always plenty of money for anything I want


Visualize (daydream) your financial situation as you would like it to be. Imagine yourself already being financially successful. Imagine opening your purse and seeing so much money in there. Imagine your very healthy bank balance. Also visualize you life now that you are financially successful. What will you do? How will you live? What will you buy? Imagine your life with absolutely no financial limits.

Personally I spend time every morning visualizing before I get out of bed and I usually fall asleep visualizing too. I grab any opportunity I can and suggest that you do the same.

Put some money in your purse (say a $100) and mentally spend it several times a day. This is a super powerful exercise. Some days you may only spend your money two or three times and some days you will spend it over and over again.

Spend your money daily

Another way to do this is to write yourself a cheque for a large amount and write down what you will do with the money.

Swap negative thinking for positive thinking

Take notice of your thoughts and listen out for the things you say regarding your financial situation. It is impossible to attract money to you if you are thinking negitively about money or talking about a lack of money. Imagine you are sitting looking through the holiday brochures and your thoughts are that you cannot afford a holiday. You don’t have enough money.

You never have enough money for things you want. These are negative thoughts and it is important for you to swap to positive thinking immediately. Instead focus your attention on what it is you want. I love going on holidays (positive), I love staying in a nice hotel (positive), I love lying on a beach in the warm sunshine I love the sea (positive)

Instead of complaining when you receive a bill be thankful for the service you received instead.

Instead of complaining that you don’t get paid enough be thankful for the money you are paid and use the law of attraction to attract more money. To do this you need to do is focus on receiving more money.

Imagine spending

Put some money in your purse, say 100$. Every day imagine spending it over and over again. Another trick is to write a cheque for yourself and write down how you will spend it.

Money attracts money

Money attracts money and people with money attract more people with money. Seek out and spend time with or learning about people who are financially successful. When you see people who have a lot of money imagine how wonderful it would be to have that sort of money and be happy for them. Many people who do not have much money are very critical of those who do have money. This way of thinking is sabotaging your own attempts at financial success. When friends talk about a lack of money smile politely and in your mind say “This is not my reality”.


Always be grateful for the money you have. It doesn’t matter if your purse only has a few coins in it which has to last you until the end of the week, be grateful.

Gratitude is a super powerful emotion and when you show gratitude for money you attract more and more money to you.

Every morning say thank you for the money you have.

Every evening say thank you for the money you have.

Every time you look in your purse or at your bank balance be thankful for the money you have.

Make these habits for life

Some of these habits may seem a little like a chore to start with and you will need to do them conciously for a while. I recommend you commit to do them daily for 30 days. By then they will have started to become second nature for you. Your thinking will have changed significantly in this time if you make the effort to use these habits everyday.


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