Become a Successful Entrepreneur
Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Find out how to become self-employed and successfully run a small business. Tips to starting an online business or store front business venture.

Entrepreneurs are those who invent a new product or service and then expand their innovation into a small company. Bill Gates, creator of the Microsoft Corporation; Mary Kay Ash, founder of the famous cosmetics company Mary Kay Inc; and Walt Disney, owner and creative genius of The Walt Disney Company are just a few notable entrepreneurs. The following resources will help determine whether or not entrepreneurship is a suitable career choice.

Entrepreneurial Characteristics and Traits

Prior to starting on any entrepreneurial endeavor, one must ascertain whether or not he or she has the personality traits necessary for self-employment success. The following questions are an excellent place to start.

  • Are challenges welcome in life?
  • Is achievement important?
  • Does self-confidence in one’s ability exist?
  • Is controlling situations enjoyable?
  • Are planning processes realistic?
  • Are persistence and organization possessed qualities?
  • Is uncertainty and risk acceptable?
  • Do tasks initiated end up complete?

Individuals who respond “yes” to the majority of these questions possess the necessary abilities for self employment. Those capable of handling the life of an entrepreneur are also described as enterprising personalities. Adventuresome, active, optimistic, pleasant, outgoing, popular, social, self-confident, and ambitious are typical traits of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs often have a predisposition for directing teams toward the accomplishment of a particular objective. They often maintain a long-term perspective and encourage others to commit to certain elements of a strategy. An entrepreneur is usually very comfortable delegating work and views a job holistically rather than in tiny parts.

Resources for Potential Entrepreneurs

Take this Entrepreneur Risk Assessment Quiz created by the Georgia State University Small Company Development Center to help you brainstorm ideas for a successful small business. This Business Start-Up Quiz, developed by Youth Employment Services in Montreal, Canada, can assist you in determining whether or not self-employment is the best career route for you. While this quiz was created as part of a youth program, it is applicable to all age groups.

For government information on small companies in Canada, see Canada Business – Services for Entrepreneurs. This website contains information on grants and funding, company planning, recruiting and managing employees, copyright and intellectual property, and much more. Small Business Administration For guidance to company management, growing goods and services, improving productivity, and professional assistance.

Careers as an Entrepreneur

Over the last several decades, the number of individuals starting their own businesses has increased significantly. Several popular entrepreneurial occupations include marketing executive, purchasing agent, realtor, and investment manager, among others. Due to the complexity of the business, it is essential to do thorough study before to embarking on any entrepreneurial endeavor. Any and all of the materials listed above will undoubtedly aid in this effort.


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