Change Your Life
Change Your Life
Change your life by replacing negative behaviors and thoughts with positive ones and live the life you deserve.

Many do not realize how negative thoughts and behaviors can make achieving goals and living a successful life a challenge. Negative thoughts fog how you perceive yourself and also make it hard to focus on what is positive in your life. Start making positive changes that will help you secure the success you seek.

Have a positive attitude about yourself

Changing your life starts with you. If you do not see yourself in a positive light, chances are that no one else will. People see you the way you see and carry yourself. Focusing on what you perceive as flaws will only attract more negative energy to yourself. Change this by recognizing what is good and positive about yourself and stop giving attention to what you dislike. Start every morning by complimenting one of your favorite physical attributes and remind yourself of something in your life that brings you joy.

Positive thoughts and language

We don’t realize that the way we speak and think every day can keep us from accomplishing even the simplest tasks. While it is almost impossible to completely stop all negative thoughts and speech, you can benefit greatly from recognizing them. Negative thoughts can cross your mind at any time and about any person or thing, including yourself. Do not give more attention to it than you need to. If you find yourself having negative thoughts try to turn it around by thinking about something positive that you are looking forward to later. This will instantly change your mood and the negative thought will deteriorate.

The language we use every day consists of a lot of negative words and phrases. We never think about how this hinders our ability to achieve simple daily goals. For example, we often find ourselves saying something like, “I don’t think I can do this.” By using negative language such as this, you are already doubting yourself and setting yourself up to fail. Instead say, “I will do my best to get this done.” Speaking in a positive manner will encourage you to do more things you feel are challenging and open new doors to success.

Keep a success journal

One great way to put your new positive lifestyle into action is to start a journal. Some people benefit from writing thoughts and ideas down. Set weekly goals for yourself and start off with a simple one. Write your goal down as if it has already been accomplished. Learn Mind Power with John Kehoe describes this as an affirmation. It also helps to make a short list of a few positive things about yourself and your life that will help you achieve that particular goal. For example, you want to eat healthier. Then your affirmation would be, I have healthy eating habits. Then you would think of a few reasons why this is true. Think of some healthy foods you like and already eat and write them down. Then add to the list as you try new things that make the goal a reality and set a new goal each week.

Surround yourself with positive people

It is a challenge to stay positive if you have a habit of keeping negative company. Dr. J. Orloff explains the physical and mental impacts these “energy vampires” can cause in WebMD’s Fatigue Fighters: 6 Quick Ways to Boost Energy. Surrounding yourself with people who make you feel good can make all the difference. There is nothing better than family and friends who truely care about you and lift your spirits when you are with them. But we can often find ourselves in relationships with great people who choose to pay a lot of attention to all things negative. And although part of being a good companion is listening, this can have a draining affect on you.

Make a ten minute moan and groan policy with friends and family. When you begin your conversation, allow each other ten minutes each to gripe and then move on to positive conversation. You will still be the great friend who listens when needed while making a listener out of your friend.

Work hard

Finally, achieving success takes having good work ethic and a positive mind. You can not lead a successful life if you do not work for it. A positive mind alone is not going to provide you with life’s essentials. But adding it to hard work will allow you to reach any goal you set out to achieve and ease some of the stress it may come with.



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