Start Up Business
Start Up Business

Selecting the right employees for a start up business is vital in the survival of the business. Making the incorrect decision may be catastrophic.

Starting a new business is an exhilarating experience. Often the thoughts and ideas are shared with friends and families and the excitement fills everyone. Ideas come streaming in, suggestions are made and everyone has something to add. When it comes time to hire, close family members and dear friends come forward. There is the temptation to hire those that are nearby and known.

Friends and Family do not Always Make the Best Employees

During a start up, time pressures and lack of funds may result in quick decisions. Needing to get a job done immediately and having a willing body nearby may seem like a great time saving solution. There is no space for error. Hiring for a start up requires time and effort.

Hiring your best friend or a close family member is easy to do but can leave you in an awkward position if they do not work out. How do you fire your brother and keep your sister on staff? What do you tell your best friend when they just do not fit in?

Hiring friends or family members without the skills and talents needed to operate your business may save time initially but they can end up being very costly. Anyone joining the team should go through the same process to ensure the future of the company.

Picking the Right Team

Finding the right employees to join the team is crucial for any businesses. The better suited the employees are for the team; the more likely the company will be successful.

There are many factors to consider in selecting your team. Skills, personality, corporate culture, integrity and work ethics need to be evaluated.


Defining the job requirements and understanding exactly what activities the individual will be responsible for is necessary for finding the best individual. Discerning what skills are needed and what will be taught on the job is important. As candidates are interviewed, deciphering the future employee’s transferable skills and knowing what can be expanded upon will help to determine if they are suitable for the position.


Because start-ups often entail the unexpected, workers who are adaptable to change and inconsistencies in everyday tasks may be the best personality types for start-ups. Individuals that can switch from task to task, work with limited resources and prioritize their work are of great value.

It is worth noting that this type of individual may become bored after the dust settles and providing them with new exciting challenges will become important. These individuals may end up being extremely valuable as the company grows and develops if you can learn how to utilize their talents.

Corporate Culture

Every business has its own culture, or personality. In part, the culture is defined by the mission, vision and goals of the company but it involves much more. Hiring the right employees at the start is critical to creating a positive, uplifting environment. Individuals that are excited about the new product offers being provided to the market place and have a passion for the industry will greatly add to an uplifting and empowering corporate culture.


Many internal threats come from employees. The issues can range from theft of stationary to large scale fraud. They can also involve misuse of time such as extended lunch hours or coffee breaks, long personal phone calls and extensive personal internet surfing. Bad employees can use up time, resources and money. Agreements stating how these issues will be dealt with are best in writing where everyone follows the same rules.

Work Ethics

Good work ethics are something that every employer looks for and they are very important with start up businesses. Stating expectations and providing clear definitions of what is required beforehand is critical and will save future headaches. Having a 9 to 5 employee with little flexibility to adjust schedules when needed may not be the right person if the initial work load is unpredictable.

There is nothing worse than an employee rushing out the door at five when you could use their help for another hour. Of course that does not mean that an employee can always adjust their schedule on a short notice but the willingness to do so is critical. Predetermining what the employee is willing to do is critical and they need to know how they will be compensated for their efforts.

Any new employment situation should be looked at seriously. Having a written employee policy, even for a start up, is important. Requiring that all employees go through the same hiring process will ensure that family and friends are not hired simply for convenience. Picking the right employee to join the team is important and effort should be put into hiring.

Learn about your future employee’s skills, personality, and work ethics. Ensure that they are individuals of integrity and that they will be at home in your corporate culture and pick the best member to join the team.


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