How to Remain Motivated and Committed to Your Goals
How to Remain Motivated and Committed to Your Goals

Tips and encouragement to accomplish what you want in life.

If you plan to be successful and accomplish your goals, you must steadily work towards them. But, there are often obstacles and setbacks along the way that must be dealt with. These can get you off track and result in a lack of motivation. The good news is that with the right tools you can stay the course and achieve your objectives.

Have a Clear Plan

Chances are very small that you will end up where you want to be in life purely by accident. You must have a clear plan of what you want to do, and what is most important to you. Take some time to write down an objective for your life … the things you want to accomplish and what you want your life to reflect. Hold on to it, and keep it somewhere in clear view. Once you know what you are working toward, you can decide which things in your life contribute toward those goals and which ones take away.

Strategies to Stay on Track

Your time is very important. It is one of your most precious commodities, something you will never get back. Use it wisely, and devote at least a small portion of it daily towards accomplishing your goals.

Spend Your Time Wisely

That can be much easier said than done, but if you want to be in control of your life there really is no other way. If a goal of yours is to further your education, find a way to get started — even if that means taking only one class a semester. If one of your goals is to write a novel in a year, try waking up an hour earlier each day and devote that extra time to writing. If you have decided that you want your life to reflect more care toward your loved ones, figure out where you can grab a moment each day to do something special for someone you love — no matter how small.


Repeating a phrase to yourself throughout the day that is in accordance with your philosophy can be very helpful, and doing so actually physically creates a new neural pathway in your brain. So, go ahead and give yourself encouragement and good advice — you will be literally making it happen.

Give it 30 Days

It is widely believed that it takes around 30 days to form a new habit. And according to author and body builder, Tom Venuto, some pyschologists believe that up to 95% of our actions are automatic… literally performed fromhabit. If we can change our habits, we can change our direction.

That is where affirmation and visualization come in. It is not easy to force yourself to affirm your goals each day when you are not used to doing so. That is why so many people fail or give up. But if you stick with it and consciously tell yourself things that are in accordance with your goals and objectives for the full 30 days; if you consciously visualize the outcome of those goals; if you consciously make decisions in accordance with them — then once that time is up you will have burned those things into your subconscious. They will then be default behaviors, and you will be well on your way.

Setting Smaller Goals and Giving Yourself Rewards

If you feel overwhelmed by your list of goals and your life objective, start off by trying to accomplish small goals first. Don’t feel this is a waste of time, since working toward even small goals is better than having no direction at all. There is nothing at all wrong with building new behaviors a little at a time. To give yourself a fun reason to stay the course, decide on a reward for yourself once each goal is accomplished.

And please, don’t beat yourself up or give up when you are tired of trying or go days without doing any of this. Get up, and like Walt Disney said, Keep Moving Forward!

To succeed, you must put in the effort. “I find it interesting that most people plan their vacations more meticulously than they plan their life,” motivational speaker Jim Rohn said. Perhaps it’s because escape is easier than change.” Put that same crafting and care into your day to day life and be one of those 3-5% of people who have written goals and succeed.


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