Life Balance Brings Quality Life at Work & Play
Life Balance Brings Quality Life at Work & Play

How to Enjoy a Full, Happy Life, Time for Work, Family and Leisure

Work, family and leisure all play their part in a full and happy life, contributing to a relaxed state, inner balance and personal development.


Quality life depends on choices, an ongoing process which it is wise to reassess now and then. A healthy life balance leads to greater satisfaction and encourages a more relaxed attitude, keeping problems in perspective in the overall scheme.

Planning is the key. Make time to consider every aspect of life, at work and play, and set priorities and goals to build the future you want. Balance becomes easier with practice and raises self-confidence for a better life.

Achieve Quality Life and Balance with Personal Development

Life balance starts with the self, body and mind. Walk on the beach, mow the lawn or cycle to the shops, every day needs some physical activity to increase the oxygen flow to the brain. Feel better, think better and enjoy the extra energy. Coupled with a sensible diet, it will add to the quality of life, helping the mind to make choices and achieve a healthy balance.

Deciding what one wants isn’t always easy but a great technique is to brainstorm on paper then sort out priorities. Ideally, how much time does one want to spend on work, family and leisure? How does this compare with reality? Is there a discrepancy? How can this be changed? Almost everything is possible, for the answer is almost always within the self.

Work and a Full Life

Work does not have to mean a full blown career. It can range from being a stay-at-home mother to charity work or helping in the local shop to earn extra cash. Whatever the choice, the most important thing is to decide where it ranks in the priority list and how much time one is willing to give.

Working for a living may be obligation rather than choice but the type of work and number of hours are usually flexible. Consider other areas, leisure, family, friends, and decide accordingly. If it doesn’t work out, try something else, it’s up to you. An ambitious career may be rewarding but whatever the demands, it’s wise to maintain a balance and keep sight of other things in life, for enjoyment or comfort on a rainy day.

Work and Play, Enjoy a Happy Life, Family, Leisure and Friends

Lack of time in private life is often an excuse to opt out or a warning that balance needs to be restored. Putting it right is simple, make family life and leisure part of the routine and commit on paper. It’s best to be specific, going out on a Tuesday, swimming with the kids at the weekend, starting an art course next week, visiting parents once a week or once a month.

One can be flexible but if excuses begin to pile up, it’s time to sit down and reconsider priorities. It’s easy to drift and not even notice, though family and friends probably would. Humans are social creatures and a healthy life balance includes work, leisure and time with family and friends.



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